Education is the first step to preventing domestic and sexual violence.

Our Prevention Education Program strives to provide students the tools needed to break the cycle of domestic/dating violence and sexual abuse through education – focusing on personal safety, understanding the different types of violence that exist, and strategies for obtaining help.  Our team of Prevention Education Specialists provides presentations at 102 the public schools, grades pre-kindergarten through high school (4 years – 18 years of age), within in Kendall and Southern Kane County.


The program consists of one, two and three session models for students from pre-K to grade 12.  Our Prevention Education Manager works with each of our partner school districts to determine capacity for our involvement.  Most of our work is dedicated towards assisting school districts with achieving compliance with Erin’s Law.  Erin’s Law requires all public schools to provide Sexual Assault prevention to every student, every year.


The overall goals of the program are to EDUCATE students about sexual abuse according to their age/developmental level, INFORM students what to do if they encounter an abusive/grooming situation, and finally, to EMPOWER students to tell a trusted adult if someone tries to touch them in a way that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.


The components of the Prevention Education Program include:

  • Parent/Teacher In-services – Prior to presenting the programs in schools, Mutual Ground Prevention Specialists provide in-services for all interested parents, teachers and other staff (e.g. social workers, principals).
  • Sexual Abuse Prevention – Elementary School-sexual abuse prevention, Middle School-sexual abuse and sexual harassment prevention, High School-date rape and dating violence prevention.
  • Crisis Intervention – At the end of each presentation, students who are at least 12 years of age have the opportunity to speak privately with a Mutual Ground Education Specialist on-site.

Mutual Ground Online Learning

Our online learning page provides students the tools needed to break the cycle of dating violence and sexual violence through education – focusing on personal safety,understanding the different types of violence that exist, and strategies for obtaining help.